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Thursday, 27 December 2018 12:48

Awareness campaign on REDD+ at Blue Nile state

Date: 9 th May 2018

Venue:  The Legislative Council hall - Al-Rosairis locality

Number of participants : 89

The workshop was attended by a number of relevant stakeholders including: Minister of Agriculture, in charge of Al-Rosairis locality , Civil society organizations, Gum Arabic Associations , People from different localities , Traditional administration such as sheikhs and mayors , tribal leaders , Farmers' and pastoralist unions , Women's Union , Ministry of Agriculture departments , Media and press , Radio - Television - Echorouk TV

Workshop Program 

Opining remarks:  3 Speeches made by  the Minister of Agriculture, The manager of blue Nile  state forestry  and Leader of Blue Nile tribes.

The workshop addressed  one paper presented by Ms. Amani Ibrahim FNC headquarters

The main outputs of The workshop:

Protecting the cover trees from overcutting and overgrazing

Reduce Population pressure around forests

Increasing the afforestation and reforestation