Search Name: Quantifying the changes of land use/cover on Fo

Researcher Name: AbdallaBabeker Ali

University: College of Forestry and Range science Sudan University of Science and Technology Graduation Date: September 2017 Research location: Cerro Forest, Sennar State

Search Name: Degradation of Kodroka Forest – Dongola, Northe

Researcher Name: Eiman Ahmed Hassan

University: Faculty of Forestry University of Khartoum Graduation Date: October 2015 Research Location: Kodroka Forest, Northern State, Dongola

Search Name: The impact of tree belts on agricultural produc

Researcher Name: AltaherBallababikerSuliman

University: Faculty of Forestry (University of Khartoum) Graduation Date: October 2015 Research Location: Gedarif State, Eastern Sudan

Search Name: Degradation of Mangrove Forest

Researcher Name: KhadraSalaheldeen Mohamed Suliman

University: Faculty of Environment and Natural Recourses , Red Sea University Graduation Date: October 2016 Research Location: Red Sea State

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