Wednesday, 26 December 2018 10:36

Participation of REDD+ in the Development of Sustainable School Feeding , seedling project , in North Kordofan State, 4 February 2018

By funded from The World Food Program WFP , Eco-Sudan organization has implemented a project on distribution seedlings to schools within the framework of the Seeding Program for the Development of Sustainable School Feeding in North Kordofan State, in three localities

Bara locality  ,  (Albashiri and Mgiseiba and Abdul Razek)

Shikan locality   (Um Hijilija)

West Bara locality (saata shambol)

Eco-Sudan organization a key member of the platform of civil society organizations and voluntary organizations, Therefore, REDD+   program participated by introduced  an overview on REDD+ and Distributed promotional   materials such as T shirts, pens, caps , publications , Notebooks  

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