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Exchange Visit of the Sudanese REDD+ Colleagues in Ethiopia National REDD+ Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MEFCC)

September 2- 8 /2018, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Within the frame work of the south –south exchange learning visits a delegation from the Govt of Sudan REDD Readiness program was conduct visit to Ethiopia during 2- 8 September 2018 to see and learn about what has been achieved in the area of three phases REDD+ program.

16 Participants represent the Different institutions; Ministry of Animal Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Ministry of Finance, IFAD and FNC, REDD+ TAC members, Wildlife Administration and Technical NFI officer (White Nile &North Kordofan) were participate in this exchange visit

The main objectives were:

  • To share experiences between Sudan and Ethiopia in mainstreaming REDD+ in the development policy agenda, land tenure, land use planning, benefit sharing and involvement of key stakeholders with a focus on the youth and gender in forest landscape management.
  • To facilitate participant learning from the success and challenges during implementation of REDD+ in Ethiopia.

Lessons learnt: •Capacity building of Natural Resources institutions staffs at all level on (Data management, GIS, R.S, MRV,) lead to sound development of FREL/FRL

  • Formation of Forest Association committee as a body to (the Ethiopian experience) play essential role in the FLR(piloting)
  • Ethiopian experience in field Participatory Forest Management and Benefit Sharing Mechanism is a tool to conserve and protect natural forest.
  • REDD+ Prog in Ethiopian embedded within the Climate Resilient Green Economy, CRGE Strategy with the vision: Achieve middle-income status by 2025 in a climate-resilient green Economy-Green Growth
  • Through good Coordination between the different institutions and line ministries, this will have reflected positively on the adoptions and smooth implementation of projects

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