Thursday, 13 July 2017 13:08

Developing Benefit Sharing study For Sudan's REDD+ Program - Validation Workshop

On 13 July 2017 Sudan's REDD+ programme PMU was Held validation workshop of developing Benefit-Sharing mechanism Study in at the Forests national corporation Headquarter of the REDD+ Programme. The objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  1. Sharing the study and its results with the project stakeholders;
  2. Validation of the study
  3. Provide a platform for the discussion of developing benefit sharing for Sudan’s REDD+ programme issues.
  4. Soliciting and generating recommendations that are likely to help the REDD + and other actors in natural resource    Management including Government of Sudan and its international partners and civil society organizations SCOs.

The Workshop was attended by 65 persons. The participants involved a wide spectrum of representation including staff of Forests National Corporation (FNC); Research institutions; Educational Institutions; Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources; private sector; related ministries (Ministries of Agriculture And Forests, Environment, Minerals, Oil and Gas, Animal Resources; Department of Wildlife); Sudanese Agricultural Council; CSOs; and interested Researchers And Environmental activists.

The workshop was based on external facilitation and the effective participation of the participants through open Discussion.

To that End power point presentation of the study was prepared (in English), and the executive summary of the study was distributed to the Participants prior to the Workshop. The Session was addressed by the Coordinator of the Programme who outlined the main features of the project in terms of Objectives and main Activities while setting the agenda of the workshop.

A -5 minutes video on the benefit sharing was presented to enhance understanding of The participants. The Coordinator was followed by the Director General of FNC who stressed the role of the FNC and its sister departments and partner Organizations in addressing The problem of benefit sharing. The role of forests and trees to the local communities in the livelihoods of rural communities were Outlined by the FNC Director General.

The study was presented by the Consultant (Dr. Elamin Sanjak Mohammed), highlighting benefit sharing between Different Stake holders related to tree Planting considering ecological, economic, social and legislative perspectives.

The recommendations:

  1. The benefits that obtained from the emission reduction program should be identified.
  2. The implementing entity must have the right & participation in legislative decisions.
  3. This study should consider the decree 40/97 of Naivasha Agreement which formulated the basis of benefit sharing in Sudan.
  4. It is important to adopt the “Taungya” system in Benefit Sharing through mobilization and sensitization of local communities.
  5. It is necessary to develop a mechanism of Benefit Sharing with the legislative councils and thereafter submit it to the National assembly for approval.
  6. Preparation of some project proposals based on the evaluation of the accumulated  experience to be ready for implementation in the next phase of the program.
  7. Regarding the distribution of the benefits: local customs, traditions and cultural background of each community must be taken into consideration.
  8. Policies and legislations of Forests and other natural resources must be strengthened.
  9. International experience can be used to develop the Benefit Sharing mechanism (e.g. Indonesia and Brazil).
  10. Establishment of Fund for developing the BS mechanism.
  11. Local communities and the government should be considered as the key partners in the BS mechanism.

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