Wednesday, 24 February 2016 13:08

Blue Nile consultation and discussion Workshop

After a series of meetings initiated by a meeting on24 February 2016 in the presence of the representative of the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock and Forestry  and all departments under the Ministry of Agriculture. the workshop Held on 25 ,Feb, 2016 and  it won by good participation and a significant presence led by Minister of Agriculture

and Livestock, forestry , certified of  ALRoseires locality, Heads of the committees of the Council Legislative )Chairman Legal committee, Chairman Economic Committee ,Chairman agriculture Committee(And a number of leaders from the executive action and research, local management, media devices, Relevant sectors from Civil community and environment And directors of general departments at the Ministry of Agriculture and international organizations and local organizations Effective in field of environmental  in blue Nile state.

The first paper addressed the concerns of global climate change and its causes guided by numbers and facts .also it addressed the history of the REDD+ program in Sudan .the second paper included Free and Prior Informed Consent FPIC.


  • inventory the areas of trees cover and natural resources, in state and put investment mapping  to land use for keep up with the local and global variables
  • Work on dissemination the culture of environmental action among communities
  • Put the training program and arrangements to determine the roles and put budgets to adopt afforestation programm
  • Create entity or special a management  to the environment in state  and support it by technical capacity for evaluate the renewable resources in state of and sustainable management  to address environmental degradation.
  • revision the laws related to the environment and work to mainstream the plans ,programs joint  between the sectors.
  • promotion the investment of forests  and expansion of the establishment the local and private forests and support it
  • do workshops target the legislatures councils and decision-makers and relevant sectors for raise environmental awareness.
  • Find Energy alternatives to fill the needs necessary for the citizen.
  • establish department of the relevant units is concerned with the cultivation ,care and management of trees belts in the agricultural projects for provide technical advice.
  • activate agriculture of belts trees about 10% in agricultural  projects areas and  providing support .
  • benefit from the plant tissue labor (Tissue Culture) in the state for production of seedlings.
  • Involve all relevant parties in the readiness of REDD+ program
  • stop Cleaning of Agricultural projects and direction for vertical expansion in production of agricultural crops Instead of expanding in the forests areas and vegetation.

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