Monday, 14 December 2015 13:08

Consultation and discussion Workshop South Kordofan

before the workshop held  preparatory meeting with the forestry director  in South Kordofan about set up a workshop and preparing the meetings with the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and formal and non-formal meetings with the other stakeholders in South Kordofan. Followed it a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and

Natural Resources .On 14/12/2015 workshop held number of attendees 71. The workshop covered by three TV channels (Shurooq channel - Sudan - Khartoum(and Radio Omdurman, Kadugli.


  • Determine the current status of the components of the environment and the situation of the local communities.
  • Raise environmental awareness about the trade and value of the carbon.
  • Review the projects implemented by the World Bank and benefit from their experiences
  • Survey and study the actual needs of Energy materials it derived from forests.
  • Activating the role of women in the REDD+ programme
  • Creating energy alternatives, local building materials to relieve pressure on the forests resource, such as gas cooking and sandstone bricks for construction.
  • designing programs to harvest rain water for use it in supplemental irrigation Create a variety of programms for the livelihood away from the deforestation.
  • Strengthen the extension setups to enlightenment about the REDD+ program

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