Wednesday, 26 December 2018 09:42

Workshop on Social and Environmental Safeguards for REDD+ , Kordofan Sector

A one-day workshop on environmental and social safeguards was conducted for the REDD+ relevant stakeholders  in Kordofan sector on the 10th of January, 2018 in North Kordofan province (El Obeid) and attended by participants from the three states of the sector (Northern, Western and Southern Kordofan). The workshop was held in the Great Hall of agricultural research corporation. It was sponsored by his Excellency, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development of Northern Kordofan State, who honored the workshop by his presence, as well as to the presence of the Director General of the ministry, who attended all the proceedings of the workshop. The Number of participants About 63, 10 female - 53 male. The workshop started by the Koran then the welcoming words by the manger of the forests of North Kordofan. Then a speech  from the ministry of agriculture which represented by Mr. Massoud Mohammad Masood Ministry Director General, who welcome everyone and announcing the opening of the workshop, then he spoke about the REDD+ program and the importance of defining all of its objectives and also talked about climate change impacts in general on the local, national and international level, giving highlights of COP23.

The workshop included 2 working papers

The first paper About the program and its achievements presented by focal point , The second paper on Safeguards presented by Ms. Asia Adlan-

The workshop concluded by 11 recommendations as Sustainable forest management to follow up work in the program and guarantees continuity ,Encourage the investors and private sector to afforestation , development of community organizations in the REDD+ program , The involvement of the Department of Education in REDD+  program

 , The fight against desertification and forest planting in the belts , establishment of various associations for the cultivation of forest trees and motivate them to do that ,  establishment of forest Maps  and conduct meetings at the state level of the different states to build the capacity of the relevant stakeholders on safeguards

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