leaflet about objectives and activities of REDD+
Environmental and Social Safeguards Brochure
Banner of the Regional Exchange Workshop
Banner of theTransformational leadership wokshop
Program Activities, September 2015 – September 2017
Second phase of consultation and participation
Issue number two of REDD+ pamphlet
Issue number one of REDD+ pamphlet
Simple messages for local communities
Brochure of the Additional Grant for Sudan’s REDD+ programme
Part of Achievements the Sudan Readiness
The first phase of Consultation and participation
Launch of the REDD program in sudan
Leaflet of the General definition of REDD+
FlippingBook In Action
FlippingBook In Action

This sample book demonstrates several ways of using the component.
FlippingBook engine works with JPG, PNG, GIF and SWF (Flash) files. The JPG is convenient for creating picture albums, PNG or GIF format - for text, screenshots, drafts. The SWF format is convenient for presentations with animation, video, links etc. You can modify this text in administration back-end (Components > FlippingBook > Manage Books > FlippingBook In Action > Description).

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