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Workshop on Wildfire Management and Monitoring in Sudan October, 30, 2018

The workshop were aimed  to identify the status of existing knowledge related to wildfire of the Sudan; discuss the different programmes of wildfires management, and appropriate network relationships to support such programmes .

42 participants attended the workshop representing various Government entities (including REDD+ Focal Points of States in the hotspot areas), NGOs, academia, research institutes and journalists

Opening remarks were made by  3 speakers are

Dr. Syada. Khalil, Coordinator of the Sudan REDD+ program

Mr. Matthias Lichtenberger, Chief Technical Advisor

Mr. Osman Omar, representative of the Director-General, Forests National Corporation (FNC)

4 papers were presented at this workshop that covered topics such as Wildfire monitoring in Sudan , Remote Sensing , Fire Management, Forests and Fire

These papers were presented by

Mr. Peter Moore, Forest Officer

Dr. Mohammed Al-Jamri Atta Al-Mannan Assistant Professor, Faculty of Forestry and Range Science- Sudan University

Dr. Muhanad behalf of Dr. Solafa Babiker, Director, Remote Sensing and Seismology Authority

Rasha Abdalla Fadul Abdalla, Focal Point for Forest Fires; FNC

Summary of discussions

The number of participants in the discussion reached 17, addressing a number of hot issues related to forest fires.

The outcome of the workshop was 13 recommendations as follows

Lack of sharing of data between different institutions

Lack of collaboration and meager capacity in firefighting

Networking and linkages

Revisit the forest extension system to accommodate the new trends in forest protection

Revisit the protection system of FNC

Conducting of workshops in the states for better sharing and involvement of stakeholders

Collaboration with neighboring countries for knowledge and experience

Up-scaling of success stories like Jabal Marra experience with GTZ project

Revisit the native administration as local management mechanism

Human and financial resources support for the new born fire control unit of FNC.

Involvement of academia and research in developing effective models for firefighting and to have good networking with private sector

Awareness raising for different stakeholders

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