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Internship Program

PMU of REDD+ program organized a meeting with the researchers under internship Program at 28 November 2018 in gum Arabic hall, Forests National  Corporation. It was attended by researchers (6) and PMU of REDD+

The purpose of the meeting

  • Introduce presentations on the Progress made in the researches.
  • Exchange ideas amongst the researchers to maintain complementarity.
  • Help researchers to overcome any difficulties they are facing.

The contents of the meeting

The meeting   included six presentations

  • Quantifying the changes of land use/cover on Forest Cover in Cerro Forest, Sennar State.
  • The impact of tree belts on agricultural productivity in the state of Gedaref and the amount of biomass. the deterioration of Mangrove forests and their social and environmental impacts in the Red Sea state.
  • Assessment of socio-economic characteristics of the local community and biophysical status of Kodroka and Kasinger forests in Northern State, Sudan.
  • Assessment of Forests resource Degradation in Central Darfur state , study case Um Aroog Natural forest.
  • Quantification of Drivers.

The outputs of the meeting

  • The researchers received the comments from the audiences.
  • There was a very clear Complementarity amongst the researches and very rich information.
  • The researches cover diverse issues and different area in Sudan.
  • Researchers have been oriented about the regional workshops which planned to start by the eastern region (Mangrove forests).
    Internship Program
    Internship Program
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