Tuesday, 14 March 2017 13:08

A Stakeholder Discussion Forum on Forest Definition within the context of REDD+

During the period 14- 15 Mar 2017 a consultative discussion forum at Forest National Corporation (FNC) was convened to provide an input to craft a Draft Functional Forest Definition for Sudan within the context of REDD+. This consultative (discussion) forum was facilitated by Mr. John Fonweban an FAO expert And brought together 35

participants including relevant stakeholders, Researchers, Academicians and technicians to discuss and adopt a functional forest Definition, and related terms, including deforestation, afforestation, forest degradation, within the framework of REDD+ implementation in Sudan.

The Discussion and deliberation was made on the following issues: Forest Definition, Overview of global forest definition, Legislative perspective of forest definition, Overview of land cover/land use classification/Ecological zones of The Republic of Sudan Discussions. ,Issues of planted forest/plantation forests within the Framework of REDD+ (Safeguards), Discussions: Towards a Forest Definition for the Republic of Sudan. ,Forest Definitions used by countries in Africa, Asia And Latin & South America.

At the end of the forum session a committee of 5 members from Researchers, Academicians and technicians was formed and Came up with following Drafting of Forest Definition for the Republic of Sudan

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