Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:08

River Nile State Consultation and Discussion Workshop

The workshop been held on 8\3\2016 it Included a number of words the first word from Forests Director of River Nile State He mentioned the forests is the mother of natural resource and He announced about the forest degradation also he said this consultation and discussion to resolve environmental problems and the current situation

of forest .

The second word for the Forests Director of northern State .Then the word of head of Higher Council for Environment in River Nile state Finally word of minister of Agriculture, Livestock ,irrigation and forest in River Nile state he speech on The importance of forests role to integrating all efforts to work together for achieve a global goal. workshop contained tow papers. The media introduce brief about REDD+ program  in radio and Atbara TV.


  • Setting legislation and laws that require from the owners of large investment projects (agricultural - industrial) allocate 5% of the area for planting trees
  • create a police force to protect & observation forests similar to wildlife and Antiquities  because the forest wealth is not less than this wealths
  • Supporting rural communities to contribute financially and participate Restoration the Forest cover
  • formation a joint mechanism (Committee) from membership of all partners (the relevant authorities) according to a specific programme
  • necessary of coordination between the authorities concerned on environment and the planning Authorities  for development projects
  • engage the concerned by environment in the development of curricula To focus the environmental culture to the generations
  • focus in the forests cultivation on the forestry fruit trees with economic returns
  • polarization of international support for environmental projects
  • organize pastors tracks, especially pastors coming  from neighboring states, especially the Atbara River area
  • benefit from voluntary work Law in finding effective community organizations
  • continuation in establishing the People's forests
  • enter the culture of urban agriculture and green areas in cities
  • intensify awareness among local communities in various media
  • secure the application of Free and Prior Informed Consent FPIC.
  • take advantage of all previous experiments
  • add the legal, media and educational institutions and meteorology to the partners of REDD+
  • Transfer the experiments of Countries they have a climate similar to the climate of Sudan, and they worked a lot in the field of cultivation of forests

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