Monday, 29 February 2016 13:08

West Darfur Workshop

After meetings with political actors and civil departments and civil society Organizations in the state then it was enlightenment on program and gave them The invitation for attend the workshop .the enlightenment found good Acceptance and  support from all the relevant ministries. the workshop held in The Hall  of Ministry of Agriculture and

Natural Resources  at 29\2\2016  the Number of attendees 65. Forestry Director of State talked about the importance of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

Then the  minister of  agriculture spoke and praised the REDD+ programme  and its activities, objectives and benefits .He appealed to everyone to stand beside this programme and providing all assistances  each according to his position and to encourage all citizens of the state to stand beside this programme to ensure Balanced Environment.


  • Work to raise the environmental awareness of all sectors of society, especially the rural population and nomads
  • start in the implementation of REDD+ program activities immediately
  • continuity in the implementation of the program according to the plan
  • raise the capacity  of the technical staff in  the field of forests and provide them by assistance Equipment's

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