Monday, 21 December 2015 13:08

launching (REDD +)programme in West Kordofan

The launching program began from hold the Enlightenment meetings with the Relevant institutions and indigenous partners within REDD+ program, the main meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Forestry for enlightenment on the REDD+ program. The workshop was held on 12.21.2015 it was attended by a group of

interested to the environment and indigenous partners for the programme on top Minister of Agriculture in the state and director general of the ministry and enriched the debate number of attendees 97 The workshop covered by the media as radio of West Kordofan state and national television.


  1. Strengthening and activating the role of the forest extension for enlightenment about the REDD+ program and its importance
  2. Take advantage of this program and its activities in West Kordofan
  3. Determine the actual needs of the communities from forests materials (fire wood, coal and  building Wood)
  4. Survey and identify forests areas and in the state for determine the ownership of the land and put it in  a template the carbon trade
  5. Create another alternative income sources away from the deforestation (alternative projects).
  6. Encourage the expansion of the collection the fruits of the forest for To be a basic source of income
  7. Importance of reaching to the local communities around the forests because they are the first affecting on the forests.

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