Monday, 22 February 2016 12:09

Sennar State a consultation and discussion workshop

A workshop of consultation and discussion in Singa the capital of Sennar state held at 21 to 22 February 2016 as start  of the project. the First day of workshop included a meeting with stakeholders of the REDD+ programme were attended by representative of the Minister of The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and Irrigation, Director of

Sennar state forests and central sector focal point and a number Directors of administrations from  Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock And Irrigation. Mr. Hassan mention brief About the REDD+ programme, Director of Sennar state forests talk about importance of the REDD+ Programme  for Sudan ,representative of the Minister of Ministry of Agriculture declare his appreciation on REDD+ programme. in second Day workshop included  two working papers on REDD+ programme .the Number of attendees 57.

The workshop emerged the following recommendations:

  • Implementation of the law of planting trees at agricultural projects
  • Forest conservation
  • Existence strong law for forest protection
  • Inventory of pests that infest trees
  • Involvement the Private sector at management and protection of  Forests
  • Including  forestry issues at national strategies

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