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Workshop on Social and Environmental Safeguards for REDD+ , Darfur Sector

A one-day workshop on environmental and social safeguards was conducted for the REDD+ relevant stakeholders  in Darfur sector on the 7th of February, 2018 in North Darfur  province (El Fashir) and attended by participants from the Five states of the sector (Northern, Western, Eastern, Southern and Central Darfur). The workshop was held in the Great Hall of El Fashir University. It was sponsored by his Excellency, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development of Northern Darfur State, who honored the workshop by his presence, as well as to the presence of the Director General of the ministry, who attended all the proceedings of the workshop.The proceedings of the workshop were held in the Great Hall of Alhaj Sidig Adam of the University of Al Fashir., under the chairmanship of Mr. Abdel Wahed Youssef Ibrahim,  Wali North Darfur State and the supervision of Mr. Mohamed breima Hassab Al Nabi, minister of agriculture and animal husbandry in the state.

The Number of participants about 67,  17 female - 50 male

The opening session:

The workshop started by the Koran then the welcoming words by the director of the forests of North Darfur  who welcome all the participants who came from the different darfur states and Khartoum. Followed by speeches from  Mr. Burai Bala the technical adviser of the REDD+ Program, Mr. Sadiq Daw Al beit  head of the office of civil administration in north Darfur, and the director general of the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock and the environment represented by the Minister of Agriculture and the President of the legislative council, North Darfur, Mr. Issa Mohammed Abdullah.

During the opening session an educational drama about climate change and deforestation was presented to the workshop audience by Al Fashir’s Star for comedian.

The second Session:

The second session started at 12:00 noon and chaired by Mr Burai Balla. Two papers were presented in this session. The first one presented by the REDD+ Regional Focal Point for Darfur, Ms Amna Jumaa. The second one is about Environmental and social safeguards presented by Ms. Asia Adlan, the REDD+ Safeguards Specialist.


  1. The establishment of a workshop for politicians and legislatures and decision-makers.
  2. Lowering environmental and social safeguards workshop to the states and then to then to localities

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