Thursday, 27 December 2018 12:26

Awareness campaign on REDD+ at Sennar state

Date: 7th, May, 2018

Venue:  Sennar state, judicial authority hall

Number of participants: about 73  participant , were formed from all stakeholders as Farmers Union, Union of shepherds, Women's Union, Youth Union, Local administrations heads  of Kenana and Rofaa tribes ,  gum Arabic associations , Youth organizations and voluntary associations , villages committees, Women's associations in the state such as Hamdana Allah , Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, National service , Security forces , 15. Wildlife forces, 16. The Legislative Council of the State, Some owners of private forests

Opening remarks of the workshop made by 3 speakers, the manager of Sennar state, the representative of the national coordinator of the REDD+   and the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture

It was presented three papers included : 1)Environmental awareness about REDD+   program presented by  Ms. Amani Ibrahim , FNC headquarters 2)The concept of REDD+ programm introduced by  Mr. Sahl Mustafa,REDD+ M & E. 3)Views on some of the activities of the forests of Sennar State presented by  Ms Marwa Mohammed

The workshop outcomes

  • Focus on training and rehabilitation of extension and media staff
  • Increase community participation in forest management and protection
  • Encourage participation of women in the field of forest conservation 
  • Work on the preparation of land use map
  • Intensifying the role of community administrations in the cultivation and protection of forests
  • Promote investment in non-wood forest products
  • Sustainable production of forests by using biomass alternatives
  • Activating the implementation of the legal commitment in irrigated and rainfed schemes.
  • verification for lands registration and tenures and conflicts

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