Sunday, 30 December 2018 07:07

Awareness campaign For REDD+ programmer , Gezira state

The workshop on awareness of REDD + was held on Monday 14/5/2018 at the Union of Teachers , Attended  by  the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources. Saif al-Din Hassan  , General Director of the Ministry of Agriculture , Dr tohida  babker. And other participants   from the Ministry of Agriculture, FNC Gezira State , Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Gezira scheme, Agricultural Research, Natural Resources, Plant Protection, Farmers' Union, CSOs, Sudanese Environment Conservation Society, Student Union, Union of Shepherds and Rural Development, Local communities from the villages of Kordkili and Qoz al-Shukhibab , And the presence of a large number of media in the Jazeera state (Al Jazeera Green, SUNA, the Ministry of Agriculture. At the opening session of the workshop, speech from the Minister of Agriculture Explain the role of forests in conservation the environment and the importance of forests in increasing and sustaining agricultural production .Mr. Iman Mustafa Adawi, manager of Gezira State Forests introduced Enlightenment about REDD+ program .Ms. Amani Ibrahim - Forest extension , FNC headquarters and Mr. Sahl Mustafa,REDD+ M & E , presented a paper on the project objectives, project stages ,project partners and the next steps .

The workshop was attended by 67 participant

The workshop outputs

Community awareness of the REDD+ program

Popular participation in the restoration and conservation of forests

Mobilize communities and coordinate with relevant stakeholders

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