Monday, 31 December 2018 18:34

Awareness campaign on REDD+ at Al Gedaref

Date of the workshop: 24/7/2018

Place of workshop: Agricultural Technology Center , Saraf Said forest

Number of participants: 45 participants were formed from all stakeholders as Farmers Union, Union of shepherds, Women's Union, gum Arabic associations.

The workshop program included Speech the Manager of Forest at Al Gedaref and the main Presentation on the REDD program presented by Amani Ibrahim

The main recommendations

 Establishing  nurseries and citrus trees in the villages

 Supporting the associations of Beekeeping in village of the Saraf Said forest

 Increasing the  Cultivation of gum Arabic trees within the forests

 Supporting the gum Arabic associations

 Promote research & development the cultivation of Medicinal and aromatic plants

 Effective Utilization of Agricultural Waste for energy.

 Supporting alternatives energy for  replace Firewood  

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