Monday, 31 December 2018 20:05

Training workshop on Transformational leadership and emotional intelligence master class

Duration: three days, Location: Paradis Hotel, Date: from 31 July to   2 August 2018

The Sudan REDD+ PMU  with approval from the TTL organised a three day training on Transformational leadership and Emotional Intelligence is designed to provide insights on how to make the leaders emotionally Intelligent Leaders for outstanding performance under the REDD+ Project

Objectives of the Training Workshop: The objective of the training course was to build the capacity of the Government staff in transformational leadership and emotional intelligence approaches to address the responsibilities/duties necessary for the successful implementation of the REDD+ readiness phases in Sudan. This objective can be attained through the following specific objectives:

Examine how transformational leadership and emotional intelligence are essentials to responsibilities/duties as leaders in the 21st Century;

  • Understand how to lead with certainty in complex environment;
  • I identify the characteristics and grasp the skills associated with transformational leadership and emotional intelligence;
  • Increase your impact and influence through systematic awareness and flexibility to deliver their mandate;
  • Learn how to transform managers or team members into transformational leaders and inspire organizational innovation;
  • Gain greater self-awareness, personal impact and confidence in your own strengths;
  • Connect and network with other leaders to share experiences learn from each other and challenge oneself to lead in an inspiring manner and achieve your mandate as a leader;

       • Create a personalized leadership development plan that will enable you hone your skills for a lifetime of leadership and professional success; and • Become trainers to train their team members

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