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Mangrove Forest Workshop, Port Sudan-Red Sea state, January 21 -25 /2019

The mangrove workshop and the accompanying programs were held in the city of Port-Sudan, Red Sea State - Sudan during the period 21-24 January 2019. The general aim of the workshop was to identify the current state of the Mangrove trees and its ecosystem on Sudan Red Sea coastal areas, their role in mitigating climatic change and to highlight their environmental and societal importance according to the following objectives:

  1. To highlight the importance of mangrove forests and their ecosystems within the framework of reducing carbon emission
  2. To raise awareness of mangrove forests environmental, social and economic values.
  3. To strengthen the role of the executives and civil society organizations, and to create partnerships between the formal authorities and the communities in the management and protection activities.
  4. To address the challenges by enhancing coordination among the relevant executive, technical and academic units for conservation and development of mangrove ecosystems by regular inventories and identification of sustainable management methodologies.

The workshop was characterized by significant participation from wide sectors with a total of 156 participants (52 women and 104 men). The participants represented authorities that are directly and indirectly linked with the Mangrove ecosystems.  They included significant representation of executive leaders in the Red Sea State headed the Governor, Deputy Director of the Forest National Corporation (FNC), President of the Red Sea University, representatives of the municipal authorities (mayors) and civil societies, in addition to the media

Workshop program and side events

Day 1: Tuesday, January 10th, 2019  at al Rabwah Tourist Hotel (annexed program)

  1. Opening session attended and patronage by the Red Sea Governor.
  2. Scientific and technical working sessions and recommendations.

Day 2: Wednesday, Jan 23th, 2019

  1. Field visits to mangrove forests and ecosystems.

Day 3: Thursday Jan 24th 2019

  1. Field visits to coastal and mountainous ecosystems in the Red Sea state.

Day 4: Friday Jan 25th, 2019

  1. Departure of participants from Port Sudan

Workshop Recommendations

  1. Inventory and monitoring of mangrove forests for sustainable management, development and expansion along the Red Sea Coast.
  2. Legalize the status of the mangrove forest as natural reserve or reserved forests at the national or state level and supervised by a beneficiary mechanism under the technical supervision of the FNC.
  3. Make use of previous lessons and international experiences, in addition to possible introduction of economically viable new mangrove species.
  4. Provide support for research and scientific studies in the fields of propagation, regeneration and economic and environmental benefits.
  5. Raising awareness of local communities, official and private entities about the environmental and economic values of mangrove forests.
  6. Training of workers and local communities in the management aspects of mangrove forests through demonstration visits, past experiences and studies.

7.        Establishment of a forestry program or forest department in the Red Sea state and in coordination with other formal sectors like the naval forces in the conservation of mangrove forests and biodiversity in general

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