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Awareness campaign For REDD+ programmer ,Red sea state, 3 October 2018

The workshop was took place on 3 October 2018, elkhaber hall for international conference, Red sea

The workshop was attended by 72.


53 male.

 The participant involve wide spectrum of representation   Including:- Ministry of agriculture livestock, and fishers , Ministry of agriculture / local of sinkat , Ministry of environment and natural resources ,Council of environment and natural resource, Director of Horticulture Department , Administration of Wildlife Management , Director of agriculture extension Department , Director of soil conservation, Director Manager of livestock , Director Manager of agriculture land, Forests National Corporation,  General Directorate of Plant Protection , Representatives of local sinkat , Local Reprehensive of Sinkat, Tokar, Haya, Gneeb oleeb, Kalaneebeb , Halaibs, Hallok, Gebet elmaden and dreeb .

Objective of the workshop:-

 To aware the community and stakeholder about REDD+ activities, objectives and the role of forests in climate change.

Workshop started by Quran and then opining remarks from:- Mr. Musa Abdalla Eisa – General of red sea forests state, Prof Ahmed abdelaziz, manager of university of Red Sea , Mr. Isam eldeen sorkti – General Manager of ministry of agriculture livestock.

The outcome of the workshop was 20 recommendations as follows

  • The importantance of this kind of awareness companies and the survey visit
  • Restore the concept of forests and deserts.
  • Restore the culture of popular forests.
  • The  contribute of transport to enhance GHGs emission, need awareness.
  • Activation the law and regulation to protect the forests.
  • Valuation effort of Forests National Corporation to protect the forests.
  • The role of stakeholder to success the REDD+ pogramme.
  • Biodiversity of vegetation cover of the state, introducing the mesquite tree (Boscia Senegalensis) to combating desertification.
  • The important of Mangrove forests especially in the coast area.
  • Benefit of mangrove forests for the ground water.
  • Management and admistrarion illegal cutting.
  • Illegal cutting, the main cause of deterioration of environment.
  • Studies related to climate change should be covered all states.
  • Training to pasture by local language.
  • Management of track of pasture (Massmart).
  • Natural conservation solution for illegal cutting and over grazing.
  • Consumption of charcoal and gases.
  • Transference experience from another states to Red sea state.
  • The important of include participantation of local community.
  • Forests and wildlife is the tow faces for coins.

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