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Regional Exchange Workshop on Designing and implementing the REDD+ Strategy and Emissions Reduction Program

16 – 18 September 2018

REDD+ Sudan Regional workshop was organized during the period 16 – 18 September 2018, in Khartoum, at The Grand Holiday Villa Hotel. A total of 100 participants have attended the workshop. They represented different REDD+ countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Uganda, and South Africa in addition to Sudan participants. The 18 REDD+ focal points at states, line ministries, Gum Arabic producer association, Civil Society Organization and Indigenous People organization, analytical studies consultants, and private sector have also participated in this regional workshop

Rationale for the Regional Workshop: As REDD+ is a relatively new concept for the different REDD+ countries, the opportunity to learn from each other will provide valuable knowledge for designing and implementing emissions reduction programs at the national level. Although Sudan has already been exposed to experiences in Ethiopia and Ghana which have been reflected in acceleration of the momentum of the REDD+ readiness phase, the regional workshop will be an added value that could provide more insight and opportunities to Sudan. Added to that, the diversity of the ecological landscape for Sudan (desert, mountains forest, Riverine forest, and savannah) and the integrated approaches to natural resource management will offer the space for sharing Sudan’s unique lessons. This regional workshop would also enable Sudan to glean innovative approaches to managing its diverse landscape from FCPF participant countries.

Objectives of the Workshop: 1- To share the lessons learnt from other countries in the sub-region on designing and implementing REDD+ national strategies and emissions reduction programs and derive applicable lessons for Sudan.

2- To share experiences from Capacity Building of Indigenous People (IPs) in REDD+ readiness in Africa (MPDIO) & PAC JA) funded by the FCPF.

Expected outcomes

1-Enhanced capacity of participants to improve REDD+ national strategies and emissions reduction programs in their respective countries through interactive knowledge exchange

2-Exchange of lessons learnt in the design and implementation of REDD+ national strategies and emission reduction programs

3- Exchange of lessons learnt from IPs at the regional and national level

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