Monday, 31 December 2018 22:19

Awareness campaign on REDD+ at The Nile River

Date of the workshop: 12/ 9/ 2018

Venue:  National Training Center, River Nile State

Number of participants : 66 participant were formed from NGOs organization, government departments and The leaders of the People's Work

Workshop Program

The manager of Forests  at River Nile State introduced Enlightenment about REDD+ program

Executive Director, Representative of Shendi locality introduced brief on River Nile State

Ms. Amani Ibrahim - Forest extension , FNC headquarters presented a paper on the REDD+  objectives , REDD+  stages ,REDD+  partners and the next steps .

 The workshop concluded by 12 recommendations


  • Establish agricultural schemes for cultivation trees of economic value
  • Preserving wildlife , environment and biodiversity by rehabilitation of forests
  • Encourage use of alternative energies such as solar energy, electrical and improved stoves
  • Improve the school environment, nurseries and adopt trees planting
  • encouraging investment in forests by projects for the pepole around forests
  • enhancing the extension programs with the local communities , students , NGOs, civil societies organization
  • Attention to the removal mesquite in the irrigated areas of agricultural schemes
  • Provision of trees seeds for citizens
  • Activating the natural fences law at agricultural schemes
  • establishing a database
  • Intensification of agricultural and animal production
  • coordination between REDD+ and Community Development College

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